Dear guests ,

when you arrive in Croatia, you must announce yourself on this page this year as well : Enter Croatia . An antigen test is sufficient to cross the border . Welcome to Pakostane. 31.5.2021.


Dear guests ,

rapid antigen testing on covid is possible to perform in place. The doctor takes samples in the premises of the Municipality of Pakostane. The result is received by mail. Testing is about 20 EUR / persons (150 kn). The test result is in English. I can print the test on paper so you can cross the border more easily. 11.6.2011


Dear guests,

Fake news factories are running an intensified fear campaign . In Pakostane and the surrounding area there are many tourists who spend their holidays pleasantly. In Dalmatia, life is peaceful and relaxed, as in the time before this media manipulation. Visit Pakostane webcam and other available cameras on the Croatian coast. For any questions please contact me. Pleasant trip and welcome to Pakostane. 21.7.2021